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Today marks 3 months since I joined Atlantis as the COO of its South East Asia operations. Atlantis is a fintech startup that is building solutions for consumers and businesses in India and SE Asia. As a leader, my primary responsibility is to translate our company’s vision into a series of actionable goals for my team. To this end, I spent my first 90 days thinking about our strategic priorities and crafting out a road map to deliver against these priorities.

I want to share my top three leadership insights from my experience so far in running an early-stage company…

By Sruthi Srinivasan (COO of Atlantis — SEA) & Gaurav Sharma (CEO and Founder of Atlantis)

The engines of the world economy have a tendency to shift between regions, and an early marker of such shifts is quantified by a simple saying: follow the money. One region that has seen an immense amount of interest from businesses and investors in recent years is Southeast Asia (SEA). Upon closer analysis, it is clear why this region presents an exciting story of growth, and more importantly, opportunity.

Since the late 1970s, SEA has dramatically outpaced the rest of the world in terms…

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This August, I moved back to Singapore to join Atlantis as the COO of its South East Asia operations.

An Economist by training, I have spent my career thus far working in banking and venture capital, in two major financial hubs — London and Singapore. I have worked in a wide range of roles from investment selection and advisory to strategy formulation and execution.

Through these experiences, I gained a deep understanding of financial products and consumer behaviour. I also witnessed first-hand how changing consumer expectations and technology were disrupting traditional models of banking.

To delve further into these changes…

Sruthi Srinivasan

Shaping fintech accessibility in SeAsia | LBS MBA | CFA Charterholder | ex-Banking, fintech, & VC

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